There was once a time where I lived my life in purely presentation and performance mode. Layers of cultural conditioning and appropriateness to "save face." I was an expert chameleon who quickly put on different masks so I could belong, so that other people can feel comfortable around my presence.
Living a life of "If I could just fit in..."

The more that I presented light externally, the more darkness I hid internally from the world.
I kept a lot of old wounds repressed, stuff around identity that I didn't want to address, especially around my sexuality.
The more lies I told myself and others, the more numb I felt.
The more numb I felt in my body, the more dissonant I was with my words and actual feeling.
With all of that said, I couldn't get myself to love or be loved, transmit love, receive love, BE LOVE.
Without realizing, the weight of societal pressure I had placed on top of me prevented my actual LIGHT to shine through. I blocked my own rainbow...
At the age of 26, I finally came out to my family. (APPLAUSE)
And even still, I wasn't completely free. I still couldn't feel my body. There was still a lot of shame around sexuality and a lot of confusion with love and intimacy.
On July 2016, I found the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and thus started the process of healing and embodying who I am - who I truly am underneath the surface.
After a lot of deep conscious body-based work, I am proud of who I am and am becoming.

An empowered turned ON woman on a MISSION to acknowledge the glory of the dark and shed light on what is real and empower others to break their masks and COME OUT as they are.

Today, I am a woman who says YES and stays in alignment to her values, beliefs, purpose, and voice.
Today, I live my life according to my DESIRES and am rising every day in RIGHTNESS and POWER and I am here to show you the way.


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I'm going around the world on a LOVE OUT COME OUT tour giving lectures, workshops, and private coaching.

I speak about my journey from PAIN TOPURPOSE.

I speak about the pain of hiding who I was, the repressed darkness of sexuality and how I've unlayered mask after mask through finding my "Orgasm" (the ability to feel sensation and have whatever is true transmit from the Inside Out in all of its involuntary glory) and how I've grown, power in voice, feeling of body, and ever expanding blossoming concept of all inclusive love.

I end my talks with an open discussion where anyone can feel free to COME OUT and speak about their experiences and (mis)alignment with mind-body-spirit-genitals. And then Q&A discussion about the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and how it could benefit you.

Even more so, I'm on a journey to eradicate sexual shame, promote feeling of body in a conscious and safe way, and to spread this practice to those who've been the most repressed in their sex...(all colors of the rainbow)

Join me and let that rainbow come through to reflect the beautiful and potent energy force living inside you!

Love and surrender,