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LoCo is my personal storytelling tour to open dialogue about sexuality and consciousness. How hiding in lies suppresses flow and creation and numbs the body. How we always have choice in improving intimacy with self and others. How living a life of truth as verbal Orgasm can reveal more avenues towards love. ❤️
My own practice is to continuously move beyond victim mentality, to feel safe in intimacy, and to harness the powerful force of sexual energy to come out as free as I am.

It became clear to me last night as I was in the middle of sharing, going deep on the painful journey into becoming and the hitting bottom realization that I was not living my life to the fullest and realest potential, that I started getting emotional and drawn into that dark down again ...

As LoCo evolves, so am I. My work from here on out is to continue to transmit with potent vulnerability and to focus more on the how I was able to move out of that deep funk of fear and into living a life based on desire.

In truth, I still have a lot of work to do in terms of self love and healing...

This is a continuous journey folks! 

Thank you for following!



I'm grateful for...
...the power of voice and vulnerability to find acceptance for whereever I am.
...all the people who came to listen as these sensitive subjects allow them to question their own history.
...all the questions even from the cynics of whether Orgasmic Meditation is a practice for them.
...all the friends I've made along this journey and all the synchronistic moments that allow us to be as real and raw as we possibly can.

Danke and I love you 💕 


"The energy in the room was super positive and held a lot of trust. I felt kind of high. It was refreshing that someone would share their story so openly and not feel judged. So it took me by surprise"

F.H. 30, M, Berlin 

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