Love Out Come Out San Diego @ OneTaste San Diego


When I had this crazy idea to go on a speaking tour about my journey into Orgasmic Meditation, San Diego was definitely in my mind. It was easy to plan, because I had community there. My friend Joe in particular.

Joe and I have known each other since last December when we met at the OneTaste Winter Retreat. My fondest memory of him was during a Nicole Daidone Intensive when he stated his purpose in life is to hold the masculine pole in serving the feminine. 

So we created this event together out of desire to spark up San Diego, bringing OM and introducing its benefits to anyone willing to listen. 

I came into SD knowing two friends from my past live(s). They both made it to my lecture. This had meant a lot to me to see their face in the crowd. Partly, because they had seen me in different stages in my life, struggling with identity, but not realizing where I was mentally in turmoil with it all. In hindsight, I wasn't conscious of my own false sense of presentation and the lies I told the world, and more honestly, to myself. 

It means a lot to do these lectures and get to see who comes out when I am on stage. To see if she can hold her own energy irrespective of how it looks or sounds for different people in the room. Tonight was a good test for that!

Also in an interesting plot twist, apparently, the venue Twigg's Coffee shop that we last minute booked also hosts weekly Tarot Meetup group on Monday's. A couple of people came into the lecture with that in mind...

Joe joked with me "Your Orgasm got us to score this place last minute and attract all these people!" 

It's super important to have opt-in for a lecture that covers sensitive material like sexuality. 

"Actually, this is going to be an open heart sharing lecture introducing my journey into living fully expressed and then I'll be sharing about the practice of Orgasmic Meditation."

One woman said "Oh, okay, thank you" and walked away. I wasn't sure if it was the "open heart sharing" or the "Orgasmic" that prompted such resistance...
It made me a bit upset. And yet I acknowledge this practice is weird and it's not made for everyone. I also acknowledge it took me 3 years to give it a try myself...

3 other people from the Tarot crew stayed and it made all of the difference.

Looking out at the crowd of 9 people, I spoke from my experience of personal pain and described the moment I said "yes" to reclaiming my body and how I went diving deep into this rabbit hole of Orgasm, a potent energy source that provides abundance and light for those who believe in it. 

Joe then came up to join me for Q&A about the practice and benefits of Orgasmic Meditation, speaking from the male perspective. I appreciated his presence there. 

When the lecture was over, I felt fluid, warm, and a wave of steady calm rush over me. I looked out and saw everyone drop into further connection with one another. We mingled and everyone stayed for more conversation 30-45 minutes after with one another. A lot came up.

This is a safe space to do so. Deep exhale. YES!

My friend Aweli, deep intuitive healer, came up to me. We locked eyes and said "My body is buzzing! I see you doing this in Europe in a few months." 

I said, "You know what, I feel that too..."

Joe and I joked at the end that we will look back at this night at Twigg's a year later thinking "wow, remember that time..."

I believe so. This is just the beginning.


I am grateful for...

...Joe holding the masculine pole and booking the venue for my lecture, providing me with tea, and making sure that all my needs were met before holding space for others two friends for making it out and acknowledging how much growth is possible in a short period of time and how tonight has given them a lot to think about. friends made, in particular, with one woman who opened up so beautifully towards the end of understanding how she has choice in choosing intimacy and welcoming it back into her life. It starts when you say yes. 


"When I walked into the lecture I thought I was attending a lecture on Tarot. I met Tiffany who welcomed me to join a talk about Orgasmic Meditation. I had always wanted to attend a lecture on the subject so I thought that fate had given me the opportunity and I stayed. At first I was very awkward and sat down to hear the talk. When Tiffany spoke I was mesmerized at her vulnerability and articulation about tough subject matters that society does not speak publicly on very often. I was enchanted by the way Tiffany shared her story and of how dedicated she was with her healing. I also felt a stirring within me that something I thought was dead was indeed very much alive and wanted to be healed. After the lecture, Tiffany found her way to me. She grabbed a chair and set it directly in front of me and sat with my hands in hers. As Tiffany looked into my eyes, I broke. Many years of sexual trauma pierced through the cracks of the facade I had built up to protect myself. I felt safe to break in front of a complete stranger, because Tiffany allowed me to feel safe. I knew Tiffany had been sent into my life for some purpose and I welcomed the lessons I would learn from her. After I left, I had a new sense of purpose and awareness of my life as a loving and sexual being. Since that day, I have learned so many things of myself and I have grown leaps and bounds to becoming my authentic self. I am thankful for Tiffany and believe she is doing the work she was meant to do in this lifetime."

E.W., 30, F, San Diego

Joe and I sharing. Everyone else mingling. 

Joe and I sharing. Everyone else mingling.