Coming Out from LoCo...

"Tiffany is a beautiful soul whose vulnerability and authenticity will make even the most skeptic open their hearts and minds. Her talk has broadened my understanding of sexuality and helped me confront shame head on."

C.B., 27, F, New York


"Tiffany's story is beautiful, touching, and heartfelt. It really hits the place of wanting love by living a life for others. To only find that it's when you risk everything to live life for your happiness that you find love. I was excited when I got into the lecture. I left feeling deeply connected to the speaker and more open in my body. Like my heart was open. "

A.G., 29, M, San Francisco


"When I walked into the lecture I thought I was attending a lecture on Tarot. I met Tiffany who welcomed me to join a talk about Orgasmic Meditation. I had always wanted to attend a lecture on the subject so I thought that fate had given me the opportunity and I stayed. At first I was very awkward and sat down to hear the talk. When Tiffany spoke I was mesmerized at her vulnerability and articulation about tough subject matters that society does not speak publicly on very often. I was enchanted by the way Tiffany shared her story and of how dedicated she was with her healing. I also felt a stirring within me that something I thought was dead was indeed very much alive and wanted to be healed. After the lecture, Tiffany found her way to me. She grabbed a chair and set it directly in front of me and sat with my hands in hers. As Tiffany looked into my eyes, I broke. Many years of sexual trauma pierced through the cracks of the facade I had built up to protect myself. I felt safe to break in front of a complete stranger, because Tiffany allowed me to feel safe. I knew Tiffany had been sent into my life for some purpose and I welcomed the lessons I would learn from her. After I left, I had a new sense of purpose and awareness of my life as a loving and sexual being. Since that day, I have learned so many things of myself and I have grown leaps and bounds to becoming my authentic self. I am thankful for Tiffany and believe she is doing the work she was meant to do in this lifetime."

E.W., 30, F, San Diego


"It was informative, enlightening and beneficial to all that my life is about right now: HEALING, CONNECTING & DEMONSTRATING a deeper, more comprehensive love & compassion for others and myself." K.W., 40, F, Los Angeles

"Walking in I was just coming out of a rushing state, but that quickly melts away as I am embraced by the vulnerable and open sharing space that is accompanied by Tiffany and the container she creates for the group through the sharing of her stories and experiences. Her ability to turn people on around her through compassion and a genuine sense of connection is priceless! I left with the same friends I walked in with, but we all walked away feeling inspired and best of all TURNED ON!"

R.C, 25, M, Los Angeles


"Tiffany was able to build a deep meaningful connection to her audience within the first few sentences. That way I followed her emotional story even more empathic. A lovely evening."

K.M., 31, F, Berlin

"The energy in the room was super positive and held a lot of trust. I felt kind of high. It was refreshing that someone would share their story so openly and not feel judged. So it took me by surprise"

F.H. 30, M, Berlin 

"I liked the balance between listening to Tiffany's story and opening the space for the group to share. I was amazed after what a short time we all felt connected, safe to share intimate stories. I appreciated that space and ability to be myself, because I realized again that still those spaces are quite rare."

C.S., 21, F, Berlin


"I felt impacted by Tiffany's honesty and the connection I have felt to this thing about being tired of hiding. Impressed by her her consciousness at her age!!! Also her courage to travel around, talking from her heart about sexuality and bodies and spreading OM. I felt encouraged when I left!"

S.F. 43, F, Hamburg


"It was inspiring and moving having a space with pain being shared so openly. It allowed me to feel that I am not alone and that my pain is ok. It opened a space to share and feel ok with whatever my past made me feel about my body and sexuality. I felt blessed to be a part of a space that is open to talk about things that usually may be hard to express and talk about."

E.F., 28, M, Amsterdam

"I was really touched by the way in which Tiffany created a safe atmosphere by sharing vulnerably her own story. I felt slightly awkward walking in to the lecture because most of the attendees were strangers to me and Orgasm feels like a very intimate subject that I don't usually share about so openly. Over the course of the lecture however, Tiffany's authentic vulnerability and endearing lightness shattered all taboos and I felt comfortable and confident to share my experiences and ask questions. The lecture was a good introduction to the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and I walked away even more curious than I was before. Thanks Tiffany! <3"

L.K., 21, F, Amsterdam

"What I found most impactful was the vulnerability and courageousness of Tiffany and how the problem of repressed sexuality is so common in today’s world and not talked about. When I walked into the lecture I felt relaxed, and afterwards my head was buzzing with many thoughts when I realized I could do something similar myself. I just have to put myself out there"

R.K., 55, M, Amsterdam

Tiff Lin⁩ did a beautiful job of resonating with a group of 25 people who were mixed in age, gender, and OM experience. Her feminine flow allowed her to listen to the crowd and pick up when we needed to ground, needed to breathe, needed to share... there were multiple check ins throughout the lecture to keep the group in sync.
The shares were vulnerable too...about the first time you felt you didn’t belong, relationship with your father, relationship with your orgasm, pushing some edges. Beautiful feminine skills and there was electricity oozing out of her pores, especially when talking about bringing orgasm to Asia

S.B. 30, F, San Francisco